Adaptor Scalp Veins Collection Tube Steril 100pcs

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The adaptor scalp veins-blood collection tube is a sterile device used in hospital departments, clinics, intensive care units, and ambulance services. It is used for collecting samples, and it is non-pyrogenic and non-toxic. Characteristics: • Color: transparent; • Needle thickness: 0.9mm; • Needle length: 1.3 cm. Instructions for use: 1. Twist the cover of the adapter. 2. The seal will perforate and break. 3. After twisting, pull the adapter straight out of the cap. 4. Keep the lid on. Insert the adapter with the threaded part securely in the holder. 5. Pull the cover off the adapter. 6. To attach the microinfuser, remove the protective cap from the microinfuser and insert it into the adapter to ensure a secure closure.
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