Aspiration catheters with valve, sterile, CH8, 50 pieces

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The aspiration catheters with valve are used in hospitals and medical offices for tracheal suction. They help remove secretions from the trachea and bronchi. Tracheal aspiration produces cough, which helps to mobilize secretions. Pneumonia resulting from the stagnation of secretions in the airways can be prevented by tracheal aspiration. Tracheal suctioning will be done whenever needed and requires a sterile technique. Suction probes have X-ray visibility, open tip, with 2 large lateral eyes, length 50 cm and are non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, single blade, sterile, individually packaged. Material composition: PVC, transparent Sizes: CH 6 – CH 22 Color: CH 6 - light green, CH 8 - blue, CH 10 - black, CH 12 - white, CH 14 - dark green, CH 16 - orange, CH 18 - red, CH 20 - yellow, CH 22 - purple.
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