PRIMA Banana type nail file, abrasive 100/100

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Banana type file, abrasive 100/100 PRIMA Get quality nails at the salon or at home with our banana-shaped nail file, with 100/100 abrasiveness, designed for precision and efficiency in nail care. This versatile nail file has a banana shape, which makes it easy to grip and handle for smooth and precise filing. Perfect your nails with 100/100 banana shaped nail files, specially designed for professional nail technicians and enthusiasts. Made with precision and durability, this nail file has a unique banana shape for a comfortable grip and precise filing. Specially created for artificial nails, our 100/100 grit nail file is the basic tool for modeling and refining acrylics, gels and other materials for artificial nails. The 100-grit surface efficiently removes excess material and perfectly shapes the nails, ensuring smooth edges and precise contours. Nail technicians rely on the consistency of the 100/100 grit combination for effectiveness in obtaining professional quality results. Whether sculpting new nail extensions or maintaining existing enhancements, this nail file ensures precise shaping and a flawless finish every time. Instructions for use: Begin by lightly modeling the artificial nails using the coarse 100-grit surface of the nail file, applying constant pressure to sculpt the desired shape. Use long, sweeping strokes to refine the edges and smooth out any roughness, ensuring the uniformity and symmetry of all nails. Pay attention to the details to achieve a polished and professional look, being careful not to file too much or damage the nails. Finish by polishing the nails to achieve a high shine and applying the desired nail art or varnish or gel for an amazing final look. Whether you're a seasoned nail technician in a salon or a nail enthusiast creating salon-worthy nails at home, our 100/100 Banana Nail File is the ultimate tool for achieving flawless artificial nails with precision and ease.
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