Colostomy pouch, 30 pieces

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The colostomy pouch is used in the medical system for patients with stoma interventions. This protects against leaks. Sizes: moldable flange 20-30 mm; 30-40 mm. Instructions for use: • Empty the contents of the stoma bag; • Peel off the old bag from the leather, carefully, starting with its upper part. You can use the removal wipes or a drop of oil to ease the removal process; • Using gentle movements, wash the stoma and the skin around the stoma with warm water and soap with a neutral PH or soap for children, or with chamomile tea, using gauze compresses; • Then dry the whole area with dry compresses or paper napkins; DO NOT USE COTTON, this leaves lint that can reduce the adhesion of the skin protector; The materials used in the toilet must not be sterile, but only very clean; • Check with the help of the template (stomameter) if the stoma has changed in shape or size. in the case of an irregular shape, use a personalized template; • Without removing the protective film from the adhesive of the device, cut the adhesive part of the bag with scissors, according to the measured shape of the stoma. try to cut as close as possible to the shape of the stoma, maximum 3 mm wider than its shape; • Remove the protective film from the adhesive surface and then apply the device to the skin, starting from the bottom up. When applying the stoma bag, the skin must be as stretched as possible. if there are skin folds, use the adhesive paste to create a smooth surface, then glue the ostomy bag.
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