PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat, 66x114cm, 10 Sets of 30 Sheets

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Introducing the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat - your ultimate solution for contamination control in critical environments. Measuring 66x114cm and featuring 10 sets of 30 sheets, this sticky mat is designed to effectively trap dust and debris from shoes and cartwheels, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. Crafted with a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive, this mat requires no frame thanks to its low profile design. It leaves no residue behind and features easy-peel polyethylene sheets for hassle-free replacement. Plus, with consecutively numbered tabs, you can easily track the number of remaining sheets and prevent accidental removal of multiple layers. Each sheet boasts a thickness of 1.55~1.80mm and offers a dirt removal effect of ≥99.9%. With a tensile strength of >1.2kg/cm, this mat is built to withstand heavy use. Formulated with water-based acrylic and antibacterial agents, it's free from benzoic acid, ensuring safety and cleanliness. Ideal for clean rooms, laboratories, electronic and semi-conductor industries, surgical rooms, and more, the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat is a versatile solution for maintaining pristine environments. Additionally, it's perfect for keeping dirt out of your home or workspace, whether it's preventing pets from tracking in debris or maintaining the cleanliness of sensitive floors like basketball courts or dance floors. Simply place the mat at entrances to surgeries, laboratories, or any other clean rooms to effectively remove dirt and contamination from shoes or wheels. Ensure cleanliness and hygiene with the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat.
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Length 116
Width 66.5
Height 3
MPN 0529-66x114
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