Digital thermometer with infrared for ear, DEEE 1 pc

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The thermometer is designed to measure the temperature of the forehead, ear and various objects. The infrared thermometer is a device capable of measuring the temperature of the human body and objects. The thermometer converts the measured heat into a temperature reading displayed on the LCD screen. It is recommended for all age groups. THE PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN BATTERIES Characteristics: It provides a precise and fast reading. It is safe and easy to use, with a clear and large display. - fast measurement: 1 second (ear/object mode), 3 seconds (forehead mode) - LCD screen - memorization of the last 10 temperature readings - the temperature can be read both in degrees Celsius (˚C) or in Fahrenheit (˚F) - ear or forehead mode - measurement range: 32.0˚C ~43.0˚C (93.2 – 109.4 ⁰F) - dimensions: 155*39*50mm - weight: approximately 8.5 grams, including the battery - resists being dropped from 1 meter - battery: DC3V (2×AAA) - battery life: approximately 6000 readings
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