Paraffinized sterile dressings, Vasetulle, 10x10cm, 10 pieces

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The non-adherent dressings, for wounds, based on paraffin, are sterile and help to heal wounds quickly. Being made of cotton tulle, they are permeable to air and secretions. The compress does not stick to the wound and can be changed without pain and without destroying the newly formed tissue. Instructions for use: It is used to cover wounds, prevents contamination, keeps it moist and accelerates the healing process. The type of wounds VASETULLE can be used on include: • Minor burns and scalds; • Wounds resulting in skin loss, lacerations and abrasions. It is applied directly to the surface of the wound and covered with an absorbent pad, fixed with adhesive tape or a bandage, as appropriate. The frequency of changing the compress depends entirely on the nature of the wound. It is recommended to change it once every 2-3 days.
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Length 15
Width 13
Height 1
MPN 1457-10x10-10
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