EKG/ECG Clamp Electrodes for children, 20x85mm, 4 pieces

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Ensure precise and comfortable surface ECG recordings for pediatric patients with our EKG/ECG Clamp Electrodes. Designed specifically for children, these electrodes measure 20x85mm and are crafted with meticulous attention to detail for reliable performance and ease of use. Product Features: • Universal Size & Reusable: The clamp electrodes are held securely in place by an elastic mechanism, making them universal in size and reusable for multiple applications. • Color-Coded for Safety: The set includes electrodes in red, green, yellow, and black, adhering to European standards for patient cable lead identification: - Right arm: Red; - Left arm: Yellow; - Right leg: Black; - Left leg: Green. • Material Composition: Made from high-quality plastic and metallic parts, coated with silver chloride to ensure optimal conductivity and patient safety. Instructions for Use: 1. Prepare the Skin: Clean the skin surface with a cotton flock soaked in ether. 2. Apply Conductive Paste: Spread a sufficient amount of conductive paste on the selected skin area to ensure complete adherence to the metallic plate. 3. Connect the Electrodes: Insert the plug of the patient cable into the socket of the electrode connection cable. 4. Attach the Clamps: Position the clamp so that the conductive plate adheres to the skin of the arm or leg on the preselected points. Important Safety Information: • Qualified Personnel Only: Devices must be connected and activated by qualified personnel. • Avoid Damaged Skin: Do not apply conductive paste on wounded or scarred skin. • Not for Defibrillation: These electrodes are not suitable for monitoring during defibrillation procedures. • Limited Monitoring Use: Do not use for short or medium-term monitoring, such as during surgical procedures or Holter recording. Cleaning Instructions: • Suitable Detergents: Use cleaning and disinfecting detergents suitable for surgical devices. Follow the product instructions carefully. • Rinse with Water: After cleaning, rinse the electrodes thoroughly with water. • Alcohol Cleaning: If necessary, clean with ethyl alcohol (less than 10% concentration). • Avoid Certain Methods: Do not use ultrasonic cleaners, removers, or steam sterilization. Our EKG/ECG Clamp Electrodes for children are designed to offer a seamless and efficient experience for both medical professionals and young patients. Trust in our quality and precision for your ECG recording needs.
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