ECG/EKG suction chest electrodes, 24mm diameter, 6 pieces

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The suction chest electrodes for ECG are used to detect the electrical activity of the heart from the skin level. They have a universal connector and rubber ball. After positioning on the surface of the skin, the rubber ball must be pressed to improve adhesion. The electrodes are used to perform a resting electrocardiogram. Characteristics: • Color: blue; • Ball diameter: 33mm; • Diameter of the metal part: 24mm; • Material composition: plastic and metal part covered with silver chloride. Instructions for use: Clean the surface of the skin with a piece of cotton soaked in ether. Put a sufficient amount of conductive paste on the skin to ensure full adhesion of the metal plate. To connect the electrodes, insert the plug of the patient connection cable into the plug of the electrode connection cable. Position the electrode on the desired area by pressing the rubber ball. Press the rubber ball and press the electrode to obtain a good adhesion to the skin. Then release the rubber ball. CAREFUL! The European standard uses the following color coding: • Right hand: red; • Left hand: yellow; • Right leg: black; • Left leg: green. CAREFUL! • The devices must be connected and activated by qualified personnel; • Do not use the conductive paste on wounds or scarred areas; • Do not use electrodes for monitoring during the defibrillation procedure; • Do not use these electrodes for short or medium duration EEG examination (monitoring during surgical procedures, Holter monitoring). Cleaning: use cleaning and disinfection solutions suitable for surgical devices. Before using these cleaning substances, carefully read the instructions for use. After cleaning, wash with water. NB: Do not use ultrasonic cleaning substances. Do not use stripper, do not sterilize with steam. If possible, use ethyl alcohol with a concentration of less than 10%.
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