Electrocautery F7255 model, temperature: 600C, fine end

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The F7255 electrocautery is sterile and is used for hemostasis with a high precision of cauterizing small blood vessels. It is easy to handle, with a low temperature (600˚C). The electrocautery has 2 AA alkaline batteries and is indicated for ophthalmological interventions. The body is made of ABS material and the metal wire is made of Nickel-Chrome. Diameter: 16 mm, fine tip of 1.5 mm. Instructions for use: 1. Open the blister. 2. Remove the protective cover. 3. To turn on the device, press the button. 4. After use, break off the tip of the electrocautery and then throw it in a waste container.
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Length 24.5
Width 7.5
Height 1.5
MPN 1548-F7255
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