Flow regulator with manometer for oxygen

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The PRIMA oxygen pressure regulator with manometer, with 1 clock, is a robust and durable oxygen control device. It allows efficient and quick closing of the gas and ensures constant working pressure and flow. Protects against the penetration of impurities. It has a long service life and is easy to use and maintain. Characteristics:. • connection connector 1 / 4GC - sintered filter UNI 11144 • 6.5 mm rubber outlet connection • input pressure 200 bar - The outlet selector is 6 liters per minute • precision - 10% or 0.5 lt. min (EN10524 standard) • trigger P.A.6.6. - Balanced piston membrane • material weight: 1 kg • dimensions: 170 X 100 X 110 mm Medical Applications: Calibrated piston pressure reducer applied to small cylinders in emergency oxygen delivery systems
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Length 13
Width 10
Height 3
MPN 0763-1
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