Intrauterine contraceptive device, U375

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The U375 intrauterine IUD is a U-shaped intrauterine contraceptive device. Characteristics: • <99% efficiency in pregnancy prevention; • can be removed at any time; • Fertility returns with the first ovulation cycle after removal of the device; • contraception for a long time; • does not contain hormones; • can be used safely by women of any age, even teenagers aged 13 and over; • blocks the passage of sperm to the uterus and fallopian tubes. Instructions of use: How to insert : Step 1:Open the package. Place thumb and index finger on top of the package on the end of the horizontal arms. Push insertion tube against arms of the T to start arms folding. Complete the bending by bringing thumb and index finger together while using the other hand to maneuver the insertion tube to pick up arms of the T. Step 2: Adjust the moveable flange so that it indicates the deep to which the device should be inserted and the direction in which the arms of the T will open. At this point, make certain that the horizontal arms of the T and the long axis of the flange lie in the same horizontal plane. Do not force insertion! Step 3:Hold the solid rod stationary and retract the insertion tube. After the arms are released, the inserter tube should be gently moved upward until the resistance of the cavity bottom is reached, thus providing the IUD insertion. Step 4: Withdraw the solid rod while holding the insertion tube stationary. Step 5:Withdraw the insertion tube. Lay the outside length of the threads as 1-1.5 cm, cut the unnecessary thread. It is recommended that the unit be replace by 5 or the most 8 years from the date of insertion.
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