Palette for mastitis test

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Palette for mastitis test white, made of plastic, is used for the fast and reliable detection of somatic cells in cow's milk and early diagnosis of mastitis in each lobe of the udder. The plate is used as follows: 1) The first 2-3 flows of milk must be expressed in a separate container, 2) Then a small amount of milk must be expressed from each lobe into the corresponding wells of the manual test, 3) The same amount is poured of diagnostic reagent into each well of the milk test plate and gently mix the milk and milk test reagent in a circular motion. After a few seconds, depending on the type of diagnostic medicine, the cow's milk mastitis in each lobe can be seen and recognized by the color or the clots formed. The test for determining mastitis: • determining the content of cellular elements in raw milk; • informs about the state of the udder in cows and sheep, before the changes in the milk become visible in the form of blood, clots and water; • for the Shalma test; • a sample of milk (approx. 2 ml) from each lobe of the udder is poured into each well.
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