PRIMA Polydioxanone Surgical Sutures 75cm TaperCut Needle 1/2 20mm USP 2/0, veterinary use

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Enhance your veterinary surgical procedures with PRIMA Polydioxanone Surgical Sutures. Crafted from absorbable, sterile, and synthetic yarn in a striking purple hue, these sutures offer unparalleled reliability and performance. Each suture, measuring 75cm in length and featuring a TaperCut Needle 1/2 circle, with a length of 20mm and a diameter of USP 2/0, is meticulously designed for precision and ease of use. Made from polyester poly (p-dioxanone) and attached to needles of various sizes and types, these sutures ensure optimal tissue closure with minimal tissue reaction. The medical-grade stainless steel needles guarantee durability and precision in every stitch. Experience superior healing with our synthetic absorbable suture thread, which initiates minimal tissue reaction, followed by gradual encapsulation by fibrous connective tissue. As the suture undergoes hydrolysis, it decomposes into carbon dioxide and water, promoting seamless absorption and metabolism by the body. Witness a progressive loss of tensile strength, with retention suture maintaining 65-70% of initial tensile strength after 4 weeks and 50-60% after 6 weeks. Complete absorption occurs between 180 and 220 days, ensuring long-lasting surgical outcomes. Trust PRIMA Polydioxanone Surgical Sutures for superior quality, reliability, and optimal healing in veterinary procedures. Each package contains 12 pieces, providing ample supply for your surgical needs. Elevate your practice with PRIMA Sutures today.
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MPN 1384-TT1/2-20-2/0
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