PRIMA Polyethylene transparent adhesive plasters, 19x72mm, 100 pieces

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• Washable microperforated transparent plastic, very permeable to air, for quick healing; • Absorbent compress with Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride, for liquid absorption; • The dressing contains an antiseptic that provides an antimicrobial barrier to superficial wounds; • Provides protection for cuts and light scratches from accidents; • Before applying the dressing, clean and dry the skin in the injured area; • Change the dressing at least 2 times a day, until the wound heals; • The dressing is guaranteed if the protective film has been damaged; • Color: transparent; • Sizes: 19x72mm; • Transparent PVC with perforations; • Transparent acrylic adhesive; • The weight of the adhesive mass 35 g/m² +/- 3g/m²; • Absorbent pad - White non-woven with 23mm*12mm; • Absorbent pad weight - 120 + /- 2g/m².
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Length 18
Width 13
Height 2
MPN 0193
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