PRIMA Container for sharp cutting medical waste, 1 liter

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The cutting waste container is used to collect stinging - medical cutting waste that represents a biological hazard and to store it safely until it is destroyed in specialized centers. Container tested against sharp objects. Waste code: 18 01 01 - Sharp objects. Disposable container. UN 3291 Medical waste, classes 6.1 and 6.2. 1l: 3H2 / Y3 / S / E / J-3009; 3H2 / Y3 / S / E / J-3010. Useful capacity 1L: 0.6L. Used in medical, dental and cosmetics Instructions for use: Install the lid of the container, open the temporary lid and dispose of the waste. When filling to the marked line, close the lid permanently, fill in the data and send the container for destruction to specialized centers. Do not use if the container shows cracks or cracks. Safety Instructions: In case of damage or leakage, notify the competent authorities immediately. Product Certificates: EC conformity statement: CE certificates: NELSON Test (for masks): OTHERS: Validity period: unlimited Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sun and moisture. • T (min-max): 5-40 degrees C • Max humidity: 70%
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Length 10.5
Width 10.5
Height 18
MPN 0162-010
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