PRIMA Cotton gauze swabs, 8 ply, 5x5cm, 100 pieces

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Non-sterile gauze compresses with bent edges and high degree of absorption. Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm. Breaking force: minimum 50-60 N. 17 cotton threads per cm2. High-Quality Cotton Gauze Swabs for Versatile Use Introducing PRIMA Cotton Gauze Swabs from Vetro Design, a reliable solution for your wound care needs. These non-sterile gauze compresses are crafted with precision, featuring bent edges for added safety and a high degree of absorption to efficiently manage wound exudate. With dimensions of 5cm x 5cm, these swabs are perfectly sized for various medical applications, offering optimal coverage and protection. Whether you're a healthcare professional, caregiver, or simply stocking your first aid kit at home, these swabs are indispensable for wound cleaning, covering, and applying antiseptics or ointments. Exceptional Absorbency and Durability Each PRIMA Cotton Gauze Swab is meticulously designed with 8-ply construction, providing superior strength and absorbency to handle even the most demanding situations. With a breaking force of minimum 50-60 N and 17 cotton threads per cm2, these swabs offer reliable performance when you need it most. From minor cuts and abrasions to larger wounds, these swabs offer gentle yet effective wound care, ensuring proper healing and minimizing the risk of infection. Trust in PRIMA Cotton Gauze Swabs from Vetro Design for unparalleled quality and versatility in wound management.
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Length 5
Width 5
Height 9
MPN 0259-050-050
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