PRIMA Disinfectant with active Chlorine 50 tablets

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PRIMA Disinfectant 50 Tablets Chlorigen is a product with a wide spectrum of action, used for sanitation, disinfection, cleaning, sterilization. Disinfectant for private spaces and public health areas, used to disinfect contaminated surfaces and objects: floors, laboratories, sponges, linen, dishes, laboratory utensils, toilets, fountain and pool water. It is a general purpose disinfectant by diluting a tablet in 5 L of water to obtain a solution with bactericidal and fungicidal effect after a contact time of 5 minutes and mycobactericidal and tuberculocidal effect after a contact time of 15 minutes. By diluting a tablet in 3 L of water, a solution with virucidal and sporicidal effect is obtained after a contact time of 60 minutes. Application: dissolve 1 tablet in 3-5 liters of water, depending on the purpose, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully. Quantity: 50 tablets x 3.4 gr It releases 1.5 g of active chlorine 1 tablet = 5 liters of solution
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