PRIMA Incontinence Fluff Underpads, 90x180cm, 15 pieces

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Discover unparalleled protection and comfort with PRIMA Incontinence Fluff Underpads. Specifically designed for individuals facing incontinence issues or those requiring additional moisture protection, these underpads offer a reliable solution for various healthcare needs. Product Highlights: • Size: 90x180 cm; • Quantity: 15 pieces per pack; • Absorbency Capacity: 400 ml; Advanced Protection and Comfort: These moisture-absorbing underpads are perfect for patients dealing with urinary incontinence and other body fluid leaks. The PRIMA Incontinence Fluff Underpads provide an extra layer of protection against moisture, ensuring dryness and comfort. Key Features: • Soft Coverlet: The upper layer is soft and gentle on the skin, ensuring maximum comfort for the patient. • High Absorbency: The inner absorbent layer efficiently captures and retains moisture, maintaining dryness. • Leakage Prevention: The lower polyethylene layer securely holds fluids inside, preventing leaks and spills. Material Composition: • Nonwoven Layer: Soft and comfortable on the skin. • Tissue Layer: Adds an extra layer of absorbency. • Pulp Layer: A highly absorbent core that traps moisture. • Polyethylene Layer: Ensures fluids stay contained within the underpad. Versatile Use Cases: • In-Patients and Out-Patients: Ideal for those with incontinence issues or requiring post-operative care. • Lying Patients: Provides additional protection for bedridden individuals. • Baby Care: Perfect for diaper changes, travel hygiene, and protecting the crib from moisture. Easy Instructions for Use: 1. Place the underpad on the bed or chair with the soft, absorbent layer facing up. 2. The underpad is disposable for convenient single-use. 3. After use, fold the saturated underpad with the corners meeting and dispose of it in an appropriate waste bin. Enhance the quality of care with PRIMA Incontinence Fluff Underpads, ensuring superior protection and comfort for patients and babies alike. Keep dryness at the forefront with these highly absorbent and leak-proof underpads.
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