PRIMA Disposable Isolation Gown, white/blue, 10 pieces

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Ensure Hygiene and Safety with PRIMA Disposable Isolation Gowns

PRIMA disposable isolation gowns are crafted to provide optimal protection and comfort in environments where stringent hygiene standards are imperative.

Key Features:

Premium Material: Constructed from high-quality PPSB material, these disposable gowns offer robust protection against contaminants and fluids, ensuring a clean and safe environment for wearers and others.
Generous Dimensions: Measuring 75 x 120 cm and available in XXL size, these gowns provide ample coverage and a comfortable fit for most users.
Elastic Sleeves: Fitted with elastic cuffs, these medical gowns ensure a secure and snug fit around the wrists, minimizing the risk of exposure to contaminants.
Versatile Use: Ideal for use as visitor gowns in medical facilities, clinics, laboratories, and various professional settings, these gowns offer essential protection for both men and women.
Convenient Packaging: Each package contains 10 single-use isolation gowns, facilitating easy distribution and accessibility in any workplace or environment.
Dual Color Options: Available in both white and blue, these gowns offer versatility and flexibility to meet diverse preferences and aesthetic requirements.

Product Specifications:

Material: PPSB
Dimensions: 75 x 120 cm (XXL)
- White: 40g/m2 (+2g/m2)
- Blue: 50g/m2 (+2g/m2)

Create a high standard of hygiene and ensure the safety of visitors and staff with PRIMA disposable isolation gowns. Whether in medical facilities or professional environments, these reliable gowns provide essential protection and peace of mind.

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