PRIMA Langenbeck retractor, 22cm

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Langenbeck abdominal divider, made of stainless steel, 22cm long, with flat top and comfortable handle. Instructions for use: to remove organ tissue and have a wide enough operating field to protect some tissue during surgery. It is used in hospitals and medical or veterinary clinics. Optimize Surgical Precision with PRIMA Langenbeck Abdominal Divider Elevate your surgical procedures with the PRIMA Langenbeck Abdominal Divider from Vetro Design. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this 22cm instrument boasts a flat top design and a comfortable handle for enhanced grip and control during delicate surgeries. Its versatile functionality allows for the precise removal of organ tissue while ensuring a wide operating field, crucial for protecting surrounding tissues during intricate procedures. Ideal for use in hospitals, medical clinics, and veterinary practices, this Langenbeck retractor is indispensable for surgeons and medical staff seeking optimal performance and safety in their surgical interventions. Experience Confidence and Precision in Every Procedure With the PRIMA Langenbeck Abdominal Divider, surgical precision is within reach. Whether you're performing abdominal surgeries or veterinary procedures, this instrument offers the reliability and accuracy you need for successful outcomes. Its ergonomic design and quality construction provide surgeons with the confidence to navigate delicate tissues with ease, while its flat top design ensures efficient tissue retraction without causing unnecessary trauma. Trust in PRIMA's commitment to excellence and elevate your surgical practice with this essential tool from Vetro Design.
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Length 22
Width 3
Height 3
MPN 1435-22
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