PRIMA Luer Lock syringes 2/2.5ml, 100 pieces

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The disposable PRIMA syringes have a transparent body and clear gradation, consisting of a rubber piston, body and seal. Luer-Lock syringes are individually packaged. Sterility is guaranteed by intact packaging. With the Luer Lock tip, the hypodermic needle is screwed into the tip, turning it clockwise and "locked" in place. This connection results in a tight connection between the two components. Instructions for use: 1. Wash your hands well with soap and water. 2. Clean the injection site with a disinfectant pad. 3. Open the blister. 4. Remove the needle cap. Attach the needle to the syringe. 5. Fill the syringe with medicine. Insert the needle and inject the content by pressing the piston all the way down. 6. Remove the syringe, put the needle in the original packaging and throw it in the container for hazardous sharps waste. Available sizes: • 2/2.5 ml needle 23G 1' (0.6x25 mm-blue) • 5 ml needle 22G 1 1/4' (0.8x32 mm-green) • 10 ml needle 21G 1 1/2' (0.8x38 mm-green) • 50/60 ml needle 18G 1 1/2' (1.2x25 mm-pink)
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Length 18.5
Width 12
Height 15.5
MPN 0574-02ML
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