PRIMA Paper chef's forage cap, 85x28cm, 100 pieces

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Product code 0263-ABS-100
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The paper chef's forage cap, white with a blue stripe, size: 28 x 8.2 cm, is used in the food industry, for head protection. Characteristics: • With perforated tissue crowns for extra ventilation; • Light, comfortable and economical, ideal for increasing hygiene levels; • Adjustable head diameter. Perfect for chefs, kitchen staff and food professionals, PRIMA caps offer easy and economical head protection, without compromising hygiene. Regardless of whether it is used in restaurants, catering events or food processing units, this disposable cap helps maintain cleanliness standards, preventing hair from contaminating food and ensuring compliance with health regulations. Easy to wear and adjust, it offers peace of mind to both wearers and customers, making it an essential accessory for maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene in any culinary setting.
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Length 28.5
Width 10
Height 9
MPN 0263-ABS-100
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