PRIMA Elastic Tourniquet with Quick Release, 10 cm

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PRIMA Medical Tourniquet with Elastic Cord and Quick Release Mechanism. Discover efficiency and safety in one product with the PRIMA Medical Tourniquet, equipped with an elastic cord and innovative quick-release mechanism. Designed for medical use, this 10 cm long tourniquet is the ideal solution for temporarily interrupting blood circulation in a specific area of the body. With a specially designed construction for small diameters and a quick release mechanism, the tourniquet ensures not only easy but also safe application. Recommended for both medical and veterinary use, it is indispensable in critical situations. Instructions for Use: The tourniquet acts like an elastic, stopping blood circulation below the application site. It is essential to always place it above the affected or selected area. For proper use, the tourniquet must be applied over a compress, bandage, or other soft textile material, avoiding direct contact with the skin. It is crucial to use it only for limited periods, as there is a risk of tissue necrosis. It is a first aid tool exclusively for extreme situations, such as massive hemorrhages or blood draws, when other first aid techniques are not effective.
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