PRIMA Rope tourniquet with quick release locking device

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Elastic rope with quick release locking device. The product does not contain latex and is practical, easy to use with one hand, it is released at the touch of a button. It is also easy to clean. Safe opening. Tightening the tourniquet does not cause pain. Non-sterile product. Instructions for use: The tourniquet acts as an elastic and stops the blood circulation below the place where it is applied. It must always be positioned above the injured area. The tourniquet is not applied directly to the skin, but over a compress, bandage or other soft-textured material. Note the exact time of application of the tourniquet. The band blood stopper is used for limited periods of time (danger of tissue necrosis) and is a first aid measure only for extreme cases, when the bleeding is massive and cannot be stopped in any way by other first aid techniques.
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