PRIMA Spunlace roll for waxing 7cmx80m

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The PRIMA Spunlace Epilating Roll is the ideal solution for efficient and comfortable hair removal. This roll measures 7 cm x 80 m and comes in white. Made from non-woven material, crafted by bonding fibers using high-pressure water jets, the Spunlace roll contains 30% viscose, ensuring high-quality usage. This epilating paper is disposable and can be easily cut to the desired size without deforming or tearing. It ensures a perfect hair removal experience as wax adheres to it exceptionally well, facilitating efficient hair removal. Benefits of PRIMA Spunlace Epilating Roll: • Durability: The PRIMA Spunlace Roll is more durable and tear-resistant compared to traditional paper strips. This ensures a safer and more efficient hair removal experience, eliminating the risk of tearing during use. • Comfort: Thanks to the non-woven material, the strips are soft and gentle on the skin, providing enhanced comfort during hair removal. This makes hair removal more pleasant and less painful. • Flexibility: The Spunlace Roll adapts perfectly to the body's contours, offering superior flexibility. This property allows for precise hair removal even in harder-to-reach areas, ensuring optimal results. • Efficient Results: Due to the excellent wax adhesion of Spunlace material, hair removal results are more efficient and long-lasting. The strips effectively remove even the finest hairs, leaving the skin smooth and soft. Choose the PRIMA Spunlace Epilating Roll, 7 cm x 80 m, and enjoy professional, comfortable, and efficient hair removal right at home!
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