PRIMA Sterilizing drum with lid, 10x10cm

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PRIMA Sterilization box with lid, 10x10cm, made of stainless steel, resistant to pressure steam sterilization. It has an adjustable release insurance system and a lid with a handle. Being made of stainless steel, the box is resistant to corrosion and heat / frost. It is used in the medical or dental field. Instructions for use: Use only perforated metal boxes or perforated boxes with the necklace in perfect condition (not deformed, the lid should close tightly, the necklace should fit perfectly on the body of the box). Do not use perforated metal cans for autoclave sterilization. The duration of maintaining the sterility of the materials packed in perforated metal boxes or in boxes with necklace is 24 hours after sterilization, provided that the boxes and boxes are kept closed.
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Material Stainless steel
MPN 1264-100X100
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