Sterile pediatric urinal bag, 100ml, 100pieces/ set

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The bag is fitted with an adhesive for fixation. Sterile.Individual Packed. For single use. Aplications Medical: It is used for obtaining urine samples in neonates or infants. Instructions of use: Clean the child’s genital area with water and soap. Do not accelerate the drying of the cleaned area; do not apply pediatric creams, oils, or powders. Attach firmly the urinal drainage bag to the genital area, as follows: unfold the protective tape from the lower part of the bag and attach the adhesive part to the child’s perineum; after the lower part of the bag is attached, unfold the top part of the tape and continue applying the adhesive part, making sure the urinary opening has been covered in the bag. After the child urinates in the bag, take off the bag and bring it to the laboratory in proper conditions. Prevent contamination of the urine sample when you transfer it to the plastic recipient; do not touch the recipient. Store the sample immediately after collection and send it to the laboratory on the same day.
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MPN 0391-100T-10
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