PRIMA Self-sealed pouch, Steam/EO sterilization indicator, 190x330mm(170x275mm), 100 pieces

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The self-sealed pouches are made of medical grade plastic called transparent lamination film which is derived from a special polyester or polypropylene film and medical paper. The paper used is smooth on both sides, white coloured and gives high antibacterial protection. Are used for sterilization with autoclave and ethylene oxide. To verify the effectiveness of sterilization, they have two indicators impregnated in paper. One is for steam and the other is for ethylene oxide. Correct sterilization is certified by changing the color of the indicator. For steam sterilization at a temperature of 121º C-134º C, color changes from pink to brown; Ethylene oxide sterilization at a temperature of 30º -54º C, color changes from blue to orange. The products will remain sterile for 2 months from sterilization, on condition to maintain the integrity of the package. Once used, bags should be discarded, as they cannot be used for a second sterilization. The distinctive feature of adhesive pouches is that can be used for a single product. Does not require the use of sealing machine because the pouch has a special adhesive tape, which closes tightly the open end of the bag. When using these tools bags must be opened or removed and pinpoints protected. This packaging provides protection for chemical and biological contamination, since sterilization until the package is opened. 1. Place the instruments inside the pouch and remove as much air as possible; 2. Seal the pouch securely; 3. Place the pouches into sterilizer. Avoid contact with metal tray from sterilization oven or with a bag if the sterilization is done by steam. 4. This product is created for steam sterilization (autoclaving) at temperatures of 121-134 ° C for maximum 30 minutes. 5. Leave bags / packages sterilizer to cool 5-10 minutes after the entire process. To speed cooling sterilizer, leave the door wide open; 6. Leave bags / packages in sterilizer to cool for 5-10 minutes after the process. To speed cooling, leave the door wide open;
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