Silk fabric tape, 2.5cmx5m, 24 pieces/box

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Characteristics: • It adheres well to dry skin; • Painless removal; • Offers high strength and adhesion; • Porous for skin ventilation; • Easy to torn without scissors. Effortless Skin Care Support Elevate your wound care routine with Vetro Design's Silk Fabric Tape. Each box contains 24 pieces of high-quality tape, each measuring 2.5cm x 5m, providing you with an ample supply for various applications. Designed with convenience in mind, this silk fabric tape adheres seamlessly to dry skin, offering painless removal and ensuring patient comfort during dressing changes. Its superior strength and adhesion provide reliable wound protection, making it suitable for securing dressings and medical devices in place. Versatile and User-Friendly Ideal for medical professionals, caregivers, and individuals alike, this silk fabric tape is porous, allowing for optimal skin ventilation and reducing the risk of irritation or maceration. Its easy-tear design eliminates the need for scissors, ensuring quick and hassle-free application. Whether used in hospitals, clinics, or at home, Vetro Design's Silk Fabric Tape offers superior performance and versatility for all your wound care needs. Trust in its quality to provide optimal support for healing and recovery.
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Material Silk
Length 12.5
Width 8.5
Height 10.5
MPN 0217-24
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