Single use electrocautery pencil, F7244, 1200°C, fine tip, 15x180mm

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The FIAB HTC cautery is a sterile disposable bipolar battery device for small vessel cauterization. Especially recommended for ambulatory surgery because it can replace an electrosurgery kit. The fine tip allows efficient and precise cauterization of very small vessels, reaching a maximum working temperature of 1,200°C (2,200°F). The cautery is suitable to be used every time a quick and precise cauterization is required, even in places that are difficult to access. The F7244 it is particularly recommended when precise and efficacious haemostasis is required, as in cardiovascular surgery, dermatology and microsurgery. The body of the cautery is made of ABS material while the metal tip is made of Chrome Nickel. It works with the help of 2 AA alkaline batteries. The product is sterilized. Electrocautery size: • length 180 mm (7″); • fine tip; • 65 g.
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