PRIMA Solvent spray for cleaning wax, 500 ml

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Introducing PRIMA powerful Wax Removing Solvent Spray, meticulously crafted to effortlessly eliminate wax residue, adhesive traces, and oils from a variety of surfaces including tiles and linoleum. This 500ml container of solvent offers a convenient and effective solution for tackling stubborn wax build-up, providing a hassle-free cleaning experience for both commercial and residential spaces. Whether used in professional settings or for household maintenance, PRIMA solvent spray delivers exceptional cleaning performance, restoring surfaces to their pristine condition with ease. Specially formulated for optimal effectiveness, PRIMA solvent spray penetrates deep into surfaces, dissolving and lifting away even the toughest wax and adhesive deposits. With its user-friendly design, simply apply the spray directly onto the affected area, allowing the solvent to work its magic before wiping it clean with a cloth or sponge. Engineered to deliver superior cleaning results without damaging surfaces, PRIMA solvent spray is a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable solution for wax removal. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with PRIMA Wax Removing Solvent Spray and enjoy the convenience of effortlessly pristine surfaces in your home or workspace.
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