Sterile blood transfuzion set with plastic spike, needles 18G, 25 pcs

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The sterile transfusion kit, with plastic spike, luer slip, has the following characteristics: • Color: transparent tube; • Sizes: needle 18G x 1 ½”; • Set of 25 pieces; • Sharp and hard tip; • Pinch system of the infuser tube; • Latex bulb; • Tube resistant to knotting/entanglement; • Sterile, single use; • Nonpyrogenic, nontoxic; • The plastic needle is provided with a special antibacterial filter that allows air to enter, but does not allow fluid contamination; • The filter membrane of the precision filter is made of polyethersulfone material; • High filtration rate, over 99%; • The infusion speed is high, the clogging phenomenon will not occur; • Good compatibility; • Does not absorb the substance; • No foreign body will pass through the product, it will not cause secondary pollution; • Refined filter design, fast exhaust. No bubbles remain; there are no leaks; • The infusion line is made of elastic and high-quality materials, with smooth walls, does not allow easy adhesion of bubbles, soft materials and is not easily destroyed. It can also fulfill well the infusion requirements during the winter period. Medical applications: for hospitals and clinics. Applicable population: children, elderly patients, chemotherapy patients, postoperative patients, critical patients, cardiovascular patients, patients with long-term infusion, etc. Applicable drugs: traditional Chinese medicine, antibiotics, nutrient solution, potassium chloride, fructose, mannitol, fat milk, chemotherapy drugs, lansuprazole for injection, etc. Instructions for use: Administration of blood, preparations or blood derivatives. 1. Wash your hands and wear protective gloves. 2. Transfuse the blood into the disposable set. 3. The set has a double chamber and must contain a filter. 4. Attach the administration set to the venous access device. 5. Set the volume and flow rate according to the fluid chart. 6. Write down the date and time of each transfusion The intravenous infusion needle is adopted, with the sharp tip of the needle and increased rigidity.
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