Dry Heat Sterilisation

Vetro Design offers different sizes of Flat Reels for poupinel dry heat sterilization and self-sealed nylon pouches, suitable for cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments. 


They guarantee a trustworthy and powerful protection of the medical instruments, when it comes to contamination with germs, from the moment when you start to sterilize until you use the medical instruments.

Our PRIMA self-sealed nylon pouches and flat reels for Poupinel dry heat sterilization are manufactured for use in dry heat processes up to 170°C (340°F).  Furthermore, we are offering these high-quality products at affordable prices.

We care about our customers that's why we offer them the best solutions for their needs, as follows:


  • Competitive prices and easy purchasing solutions
  • Strict quality control
  • FREE shipping for orders over 150EUR
  • Delivery in 1 - 7 days all over the world
  • Pick-up option from our warehouse


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