Toilet bowl bags with absorbent pad, 20 pieces

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Hygienic bags with an absorbent pad for the toilet bowl quickly absorb semi-solid liquids. They ensure the safe and convenient collection, transport, and elimination of excretory fluids. The super absorbent pad transforms everything into an odorless gel in a few seconds. This absorbent bag for the larger toilet bowl has two applications. First of all, it can be placed over a regular toilet bowl if the sewage system is temporarily or permanently inoperative. Thus it can be used at outdoor events, coach trips, yachting, NGO and military campaigns, or in any other situation where there is no sewage. Second, it can be used to protect any type of potentially infectious container, especially in operating theaters. The absorbent bag is a unique combination of an airtight bag with easy closure and a Pad impregnated with super absorbent GelMax polymer. The active polymer particles in the pad quickly solidify fluids on contact, turning them into an odorless gel. Once closed, the risk of spreading droplets and odor is significantly reduced. Benefits: Fits easily over potentially infectious containers. Adapts to any type of toilet. Eliminates odors when fully closed. Time savings in toilet cleaning and decontamination.
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