PRIMA Medical Tourniquet with Quick Release Buckle, 40 cm

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PRIMA Medical Tourniquet - Textile Elastic Band with Quick Release Buckle. Discover the efficiency and comfort of the PRIMA Medical Tourniquet, equipped with a textile elastic band and a quick-release buckle. With its generous dimensions of 40x2.5cm and vibrant blue color, this tourniquet is a reliable ally in treating wounds and injuries. Crafted from high-quality textile materials, this tourniquet is designed to minimize the risk of skin inflammation while providing secure and comfortable fixation. It's easy to apply with one hand and can be undone with a simple press, facilitating emergency interventions and rapid management of critical situations. Featuring a practical and functional design, the tourniquet acts like an elastic, stopping blood circulation in the affected area. For optimal use, it is recommended to position it above the injured area, over a compress or other soft textile material. The PRIMA Medical Tourniquet is not only effective in wound treatment but also easy to maintain, ensuring proper hygiene in all circumstances. Invest in your safety and health with the PRIMA Medical Tourniquet - the perfect choice for quick and efficient interventions in emergencies.
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Length 6.5
Width 3
Height 3
MPN 0934-TEX
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