Triunghiular PPSB bandage, 2 pieces

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Thye triunghiular PPSB bandage protects it so it can heal. It is individually packed, non-sterile and easy to use. Aplications Medical: used to immobilize the fractured members until medical personnel arrive. Instructions of use: Ask the patient to support their bad arm with their other hand. Slide the triangular bandage underneath it, with the longest edge (the base) parallel to their body. The tip of the bandage (the point) should stick out past their elbow. Gently pull the top bit under their bad arm and around the neck to the opposite shoulder. Take the bit that’s hanging down over their arm and up to meet the other end at their shoulder. Tie the ends together in a reef knot. Check their circulation in their fingers and keep checking every ten minutes. If it’s too tight, loosen the bandage. Sizes: 96 cm x 96cm x 136 cm. Weight: 30g/sm ±10%.
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Length 13
Width 8
Height 5
MPN 0929-PPSB-2
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