PRIMA First-aid kit for animals

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The first aid kit for animals is the main help that any owner can offer to its animal in case of a less happy event. This kit contains: - Sterile gauze 10x10cm, 10 pieces; - Cohesive bandage 5.0cmx4.5m, white, 1 roll; - Alcohol-impregnated tampons, 6x3cm, 2 pieces; - 20ml syringes, 2 pieces; - Plastic forceps, 1 piece; - Disposable gloves, 2 pieces; - Tease, 1 piece; - Tick remover device, 1 piece; - Waterproof zipper bag, 1 piece. This kit is specially designed to help with minor incidents, such as scratches and surface wounds or insect bites. It contains all the necessary first aid items in case of such situations, recommending a visit to the vet in case of more serious issues.
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