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The venom extractor for preventing the spread of poison in the body painlessly extracts the venom from the bites of snakes, insects, spiders, etc. The product comes with four suction cups, of different sizes, and is the most effective treatment method, in the first instance, of animal/insect bites and stings. In case of insect sting, do not pull out the needle. Apply the venom extractor directly. The needle in the wound will act as a channel through which the venom will be extracted. Instructions for use: 1. Clean the affected area; 2. Remove the extractor and choose the right suction cup; 3. Pull the plunger of the extractor and attach the suction cup; 4. Position above the bite and push the plunger - wait 30 seconds. Remove the extractor (pull the piston first), clean the area with an alcohol swab; 5. Repeat the procedure.
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Length 12.5
Width 8
Height 3.5
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