PRIMA Fabric Adhesive Tape 5cm x 4.5m, 12 rolls

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Discover the versatility and reliability of PRIMA Fabric Adhesive Tape, each roll measuring 5cm x 4.5m. Designed for covering small wounds, this essential product ensures a secure and sterile dressing. Crafted from viscose with a polyethylene foil backing and featuring acrylic adhesive, these adhesive plasters are hypoallergenic and water-resistant. They effectively shield wounds from dust and germs while allowing the skin to breathe, promoting optimal healing conditions. Each package contains 12 rolls, each equipped with 3 elastic ZnOx fabric adhesive plasters with a yellow pad. They are easy to apply and remove, designed for single-use to maintain hygiene standards. For medical applications, these plasters are recommended for superficial cuts, abrasions, and mild burns. Follow simple instructions for usage: clean and dry the affected area, remove the backing papers, position the absorbent pad over the wound, and firmly press down the edges of the plaster. Ensure you're prepared for minor injuries at home or on the go with PRIMA Fabric Adhesive Tape. Buy now to experience its quality and convenience!
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