3 Way Stopcock simple, Sterile, 50 pcs

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The 3 Way Stop Cock with extension 100 cm, non-toxic, pyrogen free, disposable sterile, for single use only, sterility guaranteed till package is intact. Do not use if package is damaged. Latex free. Instructions of use: 1. Check visually whether the package is intact 2. Open packaging and remove stopcock from sterile package 3. Connect one or two I.V. Infusion line as desired to the ports 4. Remove protector from male portion & hold it upright 5. Open clamps of I.V. Infusion line and displace air entirely from stopcock by rotating HS tap to open position 6. Rotate tap to close position 7. Connect it to venipuncture device & secure it with rotating lock 8. Rotate the tap to open position and adjust the flow of infusion set Warning: 1. The use of this product is restricted to a registered doctor or a paramedic 2. Read instructions before use 3. The product should be used according to the instruction for use 4. The product should not be reprocessed 5. Visually inspect and carefully check the product and packaging before use 6. Improper transport and handling may cause structural and/or functional damage to device or packaging 7. The product is guaranteed non-toxic, sterile and pyrogen free if the package is not opened or damaged 8. Do not clean or re-sterilize 9. For single use only 10. Discard after use 11. Store in cool and dry place 12. Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight 13. The product should be used immediately after opening the packaging
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