Medical Elastic Bandages

Elastic bandage - indispensable product in the first aid kit

Elastic bandages are items that are part of the medical arsenal, considered very useful at different times, such as when there are painful cuts, nasty bruises, stings of all kinds, burns or muscle strains or for surgical interventions. These products are easy to purchase from the website, standing out for their superior quality materials, resistance, durability and affordable prices, but also for the fact that they can be used for medical or veterinary purposes. In addition to these items, there is also a wide range of gauze compresses, swabs, bandages, such as sterile gauze swabs and bandages, non-woven gauze swabs, cohesive bandages, kinesiological tapes, gypsum gauze bandages, orthopedic wool, accessories, etc.

Elastic bandages - different models, sizes and colors

In our store you will find elastic bandages made of special non-woven artificial silk materials, of different types: tubular elastic bandage for shoulder and back, for hand and elbow, for elbow, arm and leg, for hand, fingers, wrist, elastic gauze bandages, mesh-type tubular fixing bandage for leg, knee and ankle, self-adhesive elastic bandage, self-adhesive elastic dressing, etc. The products have different models and colors, such as yellow, blue, red, green and black. Thus, you can opt for the elastic first aid bandage, with sizes of 5 cm x 4 m, for a cohesive bandage with 150% stretch, which does not slip and is very easy to apply, with different sizes, but also for an elastic tubular bandage that can be positioned under and over the cast. Also, the latter can be used as an element to fix the dressing, being noted for its very good elasticity, but also for its support without compression. Therefore, considering the wide range of products from, you can now purchase a quality self-adhesive elastic band, as well as many other essential products in a first aid kit.

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