First Aid Plasters

Plasters – the tools that will ensure the complete healing of all skin lesions

Adhesive plasters are an important part of personal care kits. They are made of flexible materials and have an adhesive layer that allows them to stick easily to the skin. They can contain medicines, antiseptic substances, or even secretion absorption elements. At the same time, wound plasters, along with compresses and bandages, are used to treat skin lesions.

Transparent plasters are frequently used to protect wounds from external factors such as bacteria, dirt, or water. In this sense, the round or square ones of different sizes, which you can find in the Vetro Design catalog, form an impenetrable barrier between the open wound and the external environment - the plasters reducing the risk of infections or complications.


Sterile self-adhesive plasters - specially designed to protect complicated wounds

Sterile plasters can be used especially after surgery or to care for burns. At the same time, the roll-on plasters are often applied in the same way as the leucoplast, for fixing the electrodes in physiotherapy or to mount the branula, and the postoperative ones are intended to be used after orthopedic or surgical interventions.

Moreover, there are surgical plasters for burns that help maintain a moist environment around the wound, contributing to faster healing of injuries and reduction of scars. These elements may contain hydro colloidal gels or other substances that help to heal the affected skin.

Vetro Design is the place where you have the opportunity to discover a variety of products for medical use, including medical plasters, self-adhesive, suitable for various procedures and interventions, but also devices for health control, adapted according to need. Specialists know that they need quality tools to offer successful treatments, so they trust the options available on our website!


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