Veterinary Instruments

In this category you'll find a large variety of forceps, clippers, emasculators, cups, nursing bottles, ruminal magnets and other devices meant for veterinary use:

  • Ruminal magnet used for collecting foreign metallic bodies. Metal objects (such as tyre wire) can get in the cows feed, get swallowed and then penetrate the stomach wall. The wire can then introduce infection to the abdomen, liver, and pericardial sack around the heart. The magnets attract the ferrous metal in the reticulum & rumen and hold it in a sturdy plastic cage. 
  • Evaluating pallet for mastitis test. A mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary gland which is almost always due to the effects of infection by bacterial pathogens. Drinking milk of a cow that's infected with this condition may be harmful. This pallet kit helps to indicate the state of the udder, long before a change of the milk's quality becomes visible by flaking,or blood.
  • Heating lamp with infrared light, 100W, 5000 hours long life light bulb, shatter and a splash proof, 2 pieces set.
  • Calf nursing/feeding bottle, 1.5 liters, with teat made out of latex and hangle for a better grip.
  • Teat Dip Cup, nipple cleaning disinfection of the teats before milking. For cow/sheep


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