Feeding Tubes

With 27 years of experience, Vetro Design is one of the leading suppliers of high-strength and good flexibility feeding tubes.  We offer a wide range of feeding tubes and accessories that will take your medical care practice to the next level. 


Our focus at Vetro Design is to provide first response, emergency and hospital medical products and supplies that are efficient, trustworthy and safe to use for all medical practitioners and doctors.


What is a Feeding Tube? 


A feeding tube is a medical equipment utilized to provide nutrition to patients who cannot achieve nutrition by swallowing. The situation of being fed by a feeding tube is known as enteral feeding or tube feeding.


What is the purpose of a Feeding Tube?  


The purpose of a feeding tube is to restore and sustain nutritional capacity or to administer specific medication.


We care about our customers that's why we offer them the best solutions for their needs, as follows:


  • Competitive prices
  • Easy purchasing solutions
  • Strict quality control
  • FREE shipping for orders over 150EUR
  • Delivery in 1 - 7 days all over the world
  • Pick-up option from our warehouse

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