Patient Bibs

Dental Bibs – Suitable for Clean Interventions

Dental bibs are simple and indispensable items that ensure hygiene, comfort, and safety for patients as well as medical staff. These dental consumables are usually made of non-allergenic plastic materials and are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes to fit each intervention precisely.

Dental bibs are applied to prevent patients from getting soiled with saliva, blood, or other particles formed during dental procedures. Fixed with the help of a metal chain, disposable bibs will maintain workspace protection throughout the entire intervention.


Disposable Dental Bibs – Adaptable and Specially Designed for All Interventions

Before starting the drills and saliva ejectors, bibs will be placed on the patient's chest. Then, they will capture and retain all particles, facilitating subsequent cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment. Thus, a safe and sterile environment can be ensured, optimal for subsequently scheduled patients.

Of course, disposable dental bibs, along with examination gloves and other protective items, are indispensable in any dental practice. Only through these can a safe working environment be ensured for both the performing dentist and the patient in distress.

You have the opportunity to discover a generous portfolio of medical-use products on Vetro Design. Our brand ensures that all items are made of durable and high-quality materials, allowing treatments to be carried out safely.

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