Microscope Slides and Slide Covers

Shop for Microscope slides and slide covers at Vetro Design. Our cover glasses for microscopes have polished edges so you can handle them safely. They are packed in special plastic boxes to minimize the exposure to impurities, dust, or defects, and to prevent breakage.


The microscope glides are suitable for scientific research purposes, and also for teaching students in biology and chemistry.


Explore our wide selection of microscope slides and slide covers: 


  • Microscope blades with sharp edges
  • Microscope blades with ground edges
  • Microscope coverglass

We care about our customers that's why we offer them the best solutions for their needs, as follows:


  • Competitive prices
  • Easy purchasing solutions
  • Strict quality control
  • FREE shipping for orders over 150EUR
  • Delivery in 1 - 7 days all over the world
  • Pick-up option from our warehouse


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