Surface Disinfectant

Surface Disinfectants

In this category you'll find a large variety of surface disinfectants. The effective use of disinfectants constitutes an important factor in preventing hospital-associated infections.

Bacteria, bacterial spores and viruses are shed from infected and/or colonized patients or staff into the hospital environment, especially into areas in the vicinity of patients and surfaces frequently touched by staff hands, therefore it is important that we use the right products to stay safe.

Our offer includes:

  • Biocidal disinfectant microaeroflora 5 L  is used to disinfect the air in rooms. Airborne microorganisms can be harmful, especially in busy areas, such as train stations, airports, malls, banks, supermarkets, cinemas, and the use of disinfectants designed for microaeroflora sanitizes and transforms workspaces, and not only , in safe and healthy environments.

    It is suitable for sanitary fields, schools, kindergartens, universities, crowded urban / rural rooms, industrial areas, private locations, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. It is recommended to use products from the category of microaeroflora disinfectants at the end of the working day for crowded areas / industrial communities; and whenever needed in the medical field or in private spaces.

  • Chloramine T is a universal, multifunctional disinfectant, in tablets form, intended for the disinfection of surfaces (floors, walls) and objects in public institutions, sanitary units, in the public hygiene sector and in private spaces. The product is recommended for professional and industrial use, for sanitary groups in schools, hospitals, slaughterhouses, for the disinfection of dishes and objects made of porcelain, glass, plastic, for production spaces in the food industry, etc.

  • Hexy Spray is a ready-to-use surface disinfectant that can be used for rapid disinfection of medical surfaces in the hospital or medical environment. It is applied directly on the work surface, chairs, tables, walls, pavements, furniture, equipment,. Ready to use, undiluted, by spraying or wiping. The action time is 1 minute for surface disinfection, no rinsing required.

  • Bionet A15 is a concentrated surface disinfectant indicated for disinfection and washing of surfaces: floors, tables, operating rooms, medical equipment, dirty linen, food production and sales areas, installations that must be disinfected by wiping or spraying. It has a double effect: it cleans and disinfects simultaneously while also removing  unpleasant odors. A broad spectrum of activity without chlorine, glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde. It is used y wiping, washing or spraying, the recommended spray application rate is 40 ml of working solution per sqm.


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