Professional Hair Colour Dye, Bleach & Accessories

You are free to be creative with professional hair dye and bleaching solutions with MAXIMA

Enter the world of unlimited possibilities with our range of professional hair coloring and bleaching products. At Vetro Design, we are dedicated to providing hair salons and professionals in the field with the tools they need to unleash their creativity and achieve amazing results. With an extensive palette of 127 hair colors, including:

  • 90 nuances;
  • 9 Superlighteners ;
  • 8 Mix tones;
  • 8 Metallic shades;
  • 5 Creative color;
  • 7 Toner shades.

The premium quality hair coloring formula is designed to deliver vibrant, long-lasting results while nourishing and protecting the hair. Whether you're trying bold, vivid hues or subtle and natural tones, our diverse range will ensure you can bring any vision to life with confidence.

For those who want to lighten and lighten their hair, our selection of superior bleaching and coloring products offers unparalleled shine and color durability. With advanced formulations designed to minimize fading damage and maximize lift, you can achieve stunning blonde shades while maintaining hair strength.

Experience professional excellence

From the initial formula to the final application, our hair coloring and bleaching solutions are subjected to rigorous tests to ensure optimal performance and results, even on the white hairs that they completely cover.

Join the top stylists and salons who trust Vetro Design to fulfill their clients' needs. Inspire your customers and unlock a world of creativity with premium quality MAXIMA products.

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