Impression Materials

In this category you'll find a large variety of addition silicone, silicone dispenser gun, adhesive for gluing brackets, mixing tips, catalyst paste and condensation silicone:

  • Addition silicone Bonasil A + Heavy cartridge 380ml 1set; Polysiloxane-based, high precission, high viscosity, Mixing ratio 5:1 Working time 1'30'' Mouth time 3' Base/Catalyst, Cartidge 380ml + mixing tips

  • Adhesive for gluing orthodontic brackets made of metal, ceramic or plastic. High viscosity, Curing time 20 sec, Contains:

    -Primer 2 x 2 ml  -Adhesive paste 2 x 3gr  -Syringe applicator tips

  • Addition silicone Bonasil A + Putty 2x400 base + catalyst 1set. Polysiloxane-based, High precission, very high viscosity, Mixing ratio: 1:1

    Working time 2' Mouth time 2'30'' 400gr base 400gr catalyst With teaspoons

  • Laboratory addition silicone, 400 grams base and 400 grams catalyst
  • Silicone CAD/CAM printing BONASCAN Heavy 2x50ml 1set. Polysiloxane-based, high visibility CAD/CAM scannable, Working time 4'30''

    Cartridge 2 x 50ml, + Mixing tips

  • Yellow mixing tips for mixing impression materials with medium fluidity
  • Condensation silicone, with high viscosity, Bonasil Puty, 900 ml
  • Catalyst paste, Bonasil Activator

Impresssion materials record intraoral structures that serve as a road map for building restorations. Their accuracy is essential for the casts used to build prosthetics, diagnose and correct malocclusions. Most of all, quality impressions lead to satisfying patient outcomes and the desired level of clinical excellence.

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