Airlaid Paper Towels

Explore our selection of premium airlaid paper towels designed specifically for cosmeticians and hairdressers. At Vetro Design, we offer a range of high-quality towels to enhance cleanliness, efficiency, and professionalism in your cosmetic procedures.

Discover Versatile Airlaid Paper Towels

  • Airlaid Hairdressing Towels: Ideal for hair drying and styling, providing absorbency and convenience in hair salons.
  • Disposable Airlaid Towels: Replace traditional towels with disposable options for improved hygiene and sanitation.
  • Multi-Purpose Airlaid Wipes: Perfect for various cosmetic procedures, including makeup removal, facial treatments, and nail care.

General Use: Airlaid paper towels are indispensable tools for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in hairdressing salons and cosmetic studios. Whether drying hair, wiping surfaces, or removing makeup, these towels offer exceptional absorbency and softness, ensuring a comfortable experience for clients and efficient workflow for professionals.

Experience Quality with PRIMA Brand

Elevate your cosmetic practice with PRIMA airlaid paper towels, renowned for their superior quality and performance. PRIMA towels are crafted to meet the demands of professional hairdressers and cosmeticians, offering reliability and convenience in every use. Trust in PRIMA for exceptional results and client satisfaction.

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